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it's very crazy. >> two salt blowers and my truck, too. and look at me. >> crazy. the snow's all the way to our
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waist. >> our top story tonight, the big digout in new england following last night's deadly blizzard. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm laura evans. >> i'm maureen umeh. as much as three feet of snow fell over parts of new england. the storm is to blame for five deaths, including an 11-year- old boy who died in boston after he was overcome by carbon monoxide as he sat in a running car to keep warm while his father shoveled snow. power companies are reporting more than 650,000 power outages across new england. some moments -- homes and businesses facing a real possibility that that could stay cold and dark for days. let's go to gwen tolbart who is tracking the blizzard. is the northeast in the clear now? >> reporter: yes and no, the system moved off the coast. on the back side of it, areas through maine are seeing a fair amount of blowing snow through there. take a look. they have 33 miles an hour gusts right now to the
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northeast in maine. windchills there minus 4 degrees fahrenheit. and if you look more to the east, can you see it's now also moving across the canadian maritime. maine is feeling the gusty winds and the snow. as we head down the coast, this is near nantucket. 37 miles per hour wind gusts and windchills at 6 degrees right now. anyone who doesn't have any power now, i feel for them because the cold conditions are up and down the mid-atlantic. here at home, things are calmer and we have cold conditions, but we have clear skies as the ridge of high pressure is in control for us, and we did dodge the bullet. we had gusty winds into the course of today. other than, that we had a fair amount of sunshine. skies are clear and there is nothing going on across our immediate area as far as precipitation is concerned right now. our wind gusts, incredible today. 43 miles per hour peak wind gusts at national; 46 at bwi- thurgood national and 55 at dulles.
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the winds were strong last night and into the course of the early hours of today and now the winds are calm, very, very much improved and we're continuing that into the night and the neighborhood. 31 at dulles and 29 at bpi -- bwi-thurgood marshalls. we have clear skies and a cold night ahead and the winds are improving. back to you. >> thank you very much. and as gwen mentioned, the winter storm loosened its grip for the most part, but many governors are still asking the state residents to stay off the roads until they can be cleared. the storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of home. molly line has more. >> looks like we dodged a bullet. >> reporter: new york mayor michael bloomberg, commending crews around manhattan for clearing a foot of snow that fell in the city overnight. >> the highways are all clear, and the primary roads in the city might be snow-covered, but
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we think virtually all of them have been plowed. >> reporter: out on long island, the roads don't look as clear. many people, including those in snow plows, came trapped in their cars -- became trapped in their car. about 2 1/2 feet follow error error in and around -- feet fell in and around the island. >> please stay off of the roads. you have a large number of emergency vehicles, and it's dangerous to be on the road today. >> reporter: think i'm going to need a bigger boat. >> reporter: record amounts of snow dumped on parts of connecticut, including 38 inches in millport and in bridgeport. closing all roads until further notice. >> and i am asking the people of connecticut to cooperate. this will allow us to clear the roads more rapidly and get back to normal. >> reporter: and sounds of snow plows waking people this morning in downtown boston. as at least two feet of snow fell on the city overnight. a different site for the state's coastal region near
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scituate. >> and that is not over. the storm is over. the recoveries is what people will be focused on. they want to get back to their routines, we understand that and we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: there are still hundreds of thousands without power and without mass transport as crews work to clear the roads and train tracks. governor patrick hopes it will be back to normal in massachusetts by monday. in boston, molly line, fox news. meanwhile, the blizzard has take know a toll on travelers, and the impact is being felt here in the d.c. region. fox 5s lauren demarco is at reagan national airport with the latest. lauren? >> reporter: boston's logan airport remains closed tonight as does the bradley international airport in hartford, connecticut. some places have been making their way in and out of providence. new york's airports have reopened but still plenty of cancellations. we spoke with folks trying to head home to canada and who were delayed tonight. they say they're trying to make the best of it. we may have dodged the bullet
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as far as snowfall, but travelers are certainly feeling the impact of a storm. according to tracking websites, airlines cancelled more than 5,000 flights heading to the northeast. plenty of them scheduled to depart from or arrive in the d.c. region. >> everything was cancelled yesterday for ottawa, montreal and that part of the country. >> reporter: francine and mark were supposed to pass through d.c. on their way from a vacation in thailand, home to ottawa, canada. when they arrived in dulles, they found out they would spend the night. >> we had to get ourselves a hotel and find our way around washington, change airports. we came from the other airport. we learned the tricks of taking the buses, people and the train or not the train but the -- >> a day of sight seeing not in the cards. >> we have to go somewhere. we're not dressed and we went to the library for the day. >> we were disappointed, but we spent a nice day here in
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washington. >> reporter: with several airports still closed to air traffic, including those in boston and hartford, a good number of flights are simply cancelled regarding than delayed. the passengers who check ahead know it's not worse showing up. >> every traveler should be savvy going to the airport. having that in mine was helpful to me. >> reporter: erica had to extend her business trip in d.c. for a day after her flight was canceld. she arrived to find that her new flight was delayed. >> and it happens. it's winter, you make the best of it. you get a snack in the airport and get a magazine. that is all you can do, right? >> reporter: now, officers here at the airport told us that some travelers did become irate when they learned their flights were cancelled or delayed. luck willy, no major incident and they say for the most part, search keeping their cool. and with much is a large are in the northeast affected by the winter storm, there is a ripple
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affect across the country. the airport authority said if you're impacted, the best thing to do is to continue to monitor your article. that is the latest here at reagan national. back to you. >> thank you, lauren demarco. coming up, we're going to go live to massachusetts for an update on the situation there -- situation there. remember, you can track all the winter weather 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. if you can't get to a tv, fox 5 is streaming our newscast. live on your cell phone. log on to for more information. our other big story tonight, a 14-year-old boy and his seven-month-old sister left alone and home in silver spring. tonight, the baby girl is dead and police are charge is hear brother as an adult with first- degree murder. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: because they're charging him as an adult, the police released the suspect's name. it's jonathan aguillac and is
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being hill without bond in the death of his little sister larissa. the police say the 39-year-old gloria left her 14-year-old son in charge of her infant daughter when she went to work at 10:30 thursday night. when she tried to wake 7-month- old larissa at 6 the next morning to feed her, she was unresponsive. someone called paramedics and police. >> before we could get there, the child was transported by fire rescue to holy cross hospital where she was pronounced dead. and an investigation determined she had injuries on her body and detectives and medical personnel determined she could not have inflicted those injuries on herself. >> reporter: investigators question the child's 14-year- old brother, jonathan aguillac, the last person to see her alive. >> he admitted that he had beaten her and then also put his hands over her nose and mouth when she began to cry. >> reporter: the 14-year-old is charged as an adult with first-
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degree murder. because he's being chalked as an adult, does that -- charged as an adult, does that mean investigators believe this was an intensional thing? >> yes. >> reporter: neighbors are stunned. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: this woman, who lives next door to the family, said she knew the mother worked the overnight shift but she was not aware of her child care arrangements. >> reporter: know her, but i don't know -- i know her but don't know what happened with the baby. so, with the kid. i don't know. >> reporter: no answer at the yanez home rocked by a double tragedy. >> it's not just the death of the seven-month-old girl, but also if the allegations are carried out, they have lost their 14-year-old son for a time, anyway. >> reporter: 14-year-old jonathan aguillac is being held without bond and is due in court monday at 1 for a bond review. back to you, maureen. >> that is tragic,
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heartbreaking. thank you very much. and the news at 10 continues. the live coverage of the blizzard of 2013 coming up. we'll take to you massachusetts where people are digging out from up to three feet of snow. >> and the massive manhunt continuing on the west coast for a former police officer suspected in a string of deadly shootings. the latest on that search coming up. and we'll have more when the news at 10 returns. [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there
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. the monster new england blizzard may be over now, but the cleanup has just begun. the workers are struggling to get airports, trains, and highways back up and running. fox's bob ward from our sister station in boston is in foxboro tonight. one of the hardest hit areas. what is the latest there? i know going into the evening, a lot of homes are without power tonight. what are the temperatures like right now?
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>> reporter: the temperatures are dropping dramatically. for those without power, this is a tough night indeed. i want to show off the snow this blizzard gave us. we're in foxboro, massachusetts, about 30 miles west of boston, and easily more than two feet of snow and this was plowed up and this is plowed up. still, that is a lot of snow and before this storm hit, we had a mild winter and there is no snow on the ground. >> and i know the governor there called for a traffic ban the first time in 35 years and how long is that expected to continue and are people abiding by it? >> the ban lasted, it was lifted thiafternoon.
10:16 pm
the first time in 95 years, the first time in 1978, a legend airy storm. people were stuck in their cars here and did not see them for a week. people did abide by it and there were fines and a year in jail. >> and i understand there is a lot of flooding along the coast. tell me about that and multiple rescues we're hearing about. >> reporter: yeah, down south of boston in the scituate area and in that area, there is some summer homes, year-round homes. at 10:00 this morning when the tides rolled in with the wind, it was a powerful combination and the water was sweeping over the sea walls and on to some streets and blocked. the national guard was out and they were knocking on doors. they had small boats that they
10:17 pm
were taking out and rescuing people, evaluating them and they're in shelters and they don't have any power. and that power out, man of them are on cape cod. they don't have heat and that is really cold and they're in shirts now and there is a lot of work to be done. >> and we talked with you about the carbon monoxide death. >> oh, yeah. >> and there is some other close calls as well. tell us what you're experiencing? >> right. that boy died. he was shoveling snow with the dad and got into the family car to keep warm. this took a couple of minutes. apparently the tail pipe in the car was backed up into a snow bank and the toxic fumes went into the car. the boy died and then we found out a short time later, a 20-
10:18 pm
year-old man in another part of boston, he was in the car trying to keep warm, and he died and then there were two younger boys, i think, 8 and 11 years old in east boston. they were rescued and they're going to be okay, but i have never heard of one carbon monoxide poisoning in a car for someone keeping warm of the. >> yeah. >> and today, we had four in boston. >> oh, boy. a terrible situation there and that is going to take a long time to gig -- dig out of the mess. thank you for joining us tonight and for laying out the details for us. appreciate it. >> sure thing. >> best of luck to you. and we are continuing to follow a developing story out west and where a manhunt continues for a former plot. hundreds of officer -- had beens of officers are searching and focusing on cabins at big bear lake, a popular southern california mountain resort. they hope to track down christopher dorner. he's more. >> reporter: a major -- here's more. >> reporter: a major snowfall
10:19 pm
in big bear lake, california s not stopping one of the big of the manhunts in l.a.p.d. history. the search is still on for the suspected cop killer, christopher dorner. >> it's still snowing but our folks are dressed correctly. >> reporter: bad conditions halted helicopter efforts overnight and hundreds of s.w.a.t. team members continue the search on the ground. a more concrete image of dorner is developing. >> reporter: footage released from his training days and showing what kind of force they're up against. >> and when you have someone in this nature, highly trained and capable and having had prior military experience, and some threats that you read about in the manifesto, we take this seriously. >> reporter: irvine police handing out the surveillance photos, taken january 28th and that is dorner outside of a hotel. days later, he would lead police on a chase 100 miles away and residents and tourists
10:20 pm
are remaining calm. >> and seems surreal. i didn't think that was going to be a danger and i don't know, we decided to come, anyway. >> my fear has not been that panic would ensue but that someone would see something and take the law into their own hands. >> reporter: a moment of silence saturday afternoon, held by the cal state fullerton women's basketball team in honor of the assistant coach monica kwan. police say the search extendd into nevada, arizona, and northern mexico. there is a guarded presence of the homes of officers who dorn er mentioned in his manifesto as possible targets. alicia acuna, fox news. >> new at 10, prince georges county police ruled the death of a capital heights woman a homicide. officers responded to the 1200 block of capitol oaks drive this afternoon to check on the welfare of the resident. they found a woman suffering trauma to her body and tonight, police are working to identify a suspect or suspect ands in her murder. up next, relief for two
10:21 pm
american parents who are finally able to hold their children tonight. we have the happy ending following russia's ban on american adoptions. >> plus, joe paterno's wife is speaking out more than a year after her husband's death. the investigation she is pushing for to give closure to the penn state community. the news at 10 will be right back. 
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the pentagon is facing massive budget cuts in the coming weeks. if congress fails to act by march 1st, the series of cuts will be made to the u.s. military's defense capability. here's more -- capability. here's more. >> reporter: during the fall debate, president obama said the sequester, quote, won't happen. now his white house is saying domestic programs will be cut 9% and military programs cut 13% this year, unless congress takes action. >> putting our fiscal house in order calls for a balanced approach, not massive indiscriminant cuts that can have a severe impact on our
10:25 pm
military preparedness. >> reporter: republicans think they gave a lot of ground during fiscal cliff negotiations. a spokesman per speaker boehner said the president got his higher taxes last month with no corresponding cuts. the tax issue has been resolved and spending is the problem. meanwhile, military leaders are sounding the alarm. >> instead of being a first- rate power in the world, we turn into a second-rate power and that would be the result of sequester. >> reporter: the white house said friday the sequester would result in cuts to food inspection, customer service and irs and social security offices, and emergency unemployment compensation benefits. the house armed services committee chair republican mckeon said i don't doubt that important domestic programs will be in jeopardy if sequester is in march. our military is in jeopardy today to consider deeper cuts is a way to solve a financial crisis driven by entitlement program is irresponsible and
10:26 pm
unacceptable. peter singer from the brookings institute said that right now, the u.s. spent 40 cents of every dollar of military spending on earth and that if the sequester kicks in, it will drop to 38 cents. peter deucey, fox news. after weeks of anxiety, two american women have custody over their adopted russian children. they arrived in russia mid- january and expecting to leave with their children. during the visit, a ban became law and the two mothers saw themselves in a legal battle. they obtained a supreme court order directing a lower court to issue a decree for the a dongs and they say they mean that their miguel help future parents looking to adopt. >> and makes you hopeful that they will do the right thing and allow them to bring home the children. they have been vetted to the smallest degree and the largest
10:27 pm
degree. they have been approved by russia to adopt the children and they want to give the stamp of approval. >> reporter: both mothers plan to leave with the children on tuesday. a followup on the jerry sandusky sex scandal. the wife of joe paterno is breaking her silence and defending her late husband. sue paterno sent a letter to the former penn state players addressing the sex scandal. she believes her husband is a moral man who never twisted the truth. the report commission by the paterno family will be released and that is in response to the free report, which the family felt was a total disservice to the investigation and those involved in the sex scandal and there is growing debate, again, over a change in the name for the washington redskins and fox 5 wants your opinion on this. we asked the fans if the redskins is an offensive name or part of tradition. vicky writes the change in the logo and name and pride and
10:28 pm
team spirit will remain. the team name is not just a descriptor of the skin color but continues a slang that objectifies people. it's about honoring the american indian because they were fierce competitors, warriors and people to be remembered. fox 5 invite you to share your thoughts. you can fine the discussion going on my fox desfacebook package. car thieves caught in the act and on on camera. >> following local police to catch criminals and find out how successful the news has come. ♪
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returning with video of arlington --ting the bait. they have been planting the cars on county streets and when the thieves break in, the
10:32 pm
cameras start rolling. >> reporter: it's a crime fighting sort of reality tv. police set the bait, but car thieves have no idea they were caught in a trap and camera. >> get your hands up now. don't move. >> reporter: caught in the act and no way out. that is what happens when thieves break into an arlington county police state car. >> we can track it and intercept it and shut it down and place it under arrest. it's that easy. >> reporter: all have been convicted and started in 2002, the program led to 121 arrests and some trying to steal the car and what is inside the. a silent alarm alerts police at the command center who can see and hear what is happening from cameras planted inside the car.
10:33 pm
>> and this guy's trying to break the ignition and doesn't get it moving and that is of about police show up, handcuff, and arrest him. the bait cars typically makes and models that appear to car thieves. >> it was a setup. >> if the suspect manages to drive off, police can cut off the ignition remotely and lock the doors. the bait car program has a 100% conviction record and in 11 years, the number of car thefts and thefts from cars on arlington county streets has significantly dropped. >> it's reduced our auto theft rate and our theft from auto rate over 50%. >> reporter: the criminals keep -- and even here a few years ago. the youngest ever caught a seven-year-old stealing stuff inside and a continue-year-old would be car thief. >> the only thing holding them back was hooked not reach the
10:34 pm
pedals. >> reporter: they're placed in neighborhoods based on crime trends. one of the hardest parts? making sure it doesn't look like a setup. >> i give it the lived-in look and also, i have to put things in there that are, of course, not over the top, but also look like what we have in our car. >> reporter: gps devices, cell phones, and other electronics left out in cars are favorite targets for thieves. in arlington county, it just might be bait. police say they never caught the same thief twice in a bait car and that as long as they keep making -- catching bad guys, keeping them around is a no brainer. a police-involved shooting leaves a woman dead. officials say police fired their guns at a woman who lunged at them with a knife. it happened last night in the hallway of an apartment building of the 4200 block of 53rd avenue and bladensberg.
10:35 pm
the woman was taken to prince georges hospital center where she decide -- died. the three officers are on administrate of leave while the case is under investigation. first lady michelle obama attended the funeral of a 15- year-old girl in chicago today. she is paying her respects to pendelton, the teenager killed a few days after performing with hear school band at the presidential inauguration. the police say pendelton was an ino sent victim in a gang- related shooting. >> she's importance all those other people who died is important and she is important. all of those lives and voices of the family were ignored and she speaks for if they don't know why she's spirit, she's a representative not just of the people of chicago but across nation who have crossed the line. >> and the first lady met privately with the family for church services. coming up, the caps trying to put the skids on a three- game losing streak.
10:36 pm
lindsay murphy has results on the ice in sports. gwen? >> and all eyes are on the northeast and even now, strong winds and blowing snow and windchills. here at home, a different story. the ridge of high pressure is building in. we have clear skies and the details on what to expect coming up. a great car interior? stop looking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪
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all right, talking about the capitols and well, they haven't been winning lately. and tonight, all of a sudden. >> and haven't scored more than three goals. >> and who is it? >> and -- >> here we are. >> we would like them to show up. the capitals need to get something going and used to being the best, if not the best in the southeast division and enterring tonight's game with the worst record in all of hockey and in the middle of a three-game losing skid. the start tonight and did not
10:40 pm
disappoint the head coach. and no score yet and with that pretty glove save. the second period, caps up 1-0 and with that activity. the slap shot going. the two goals on the night. the caps win and had the best outing of the year shutting out the panthers 5-0 and they meet again tuesday in florida. and john thompson 3, fresh off the win and the hoyas in the road against rutgers and with less than five minutes. game tied at six and with that press for the lay-in and the hoyas with the lead at that point. let's go less than a minute and a half to go and starks inside to porter who hangs and banks it in plus the foul. 19 points, 14 in the second half and georgetown defeats rutgers for a fifth straight victory. and in the big east.
10:41 pm
>> in george washington, featuring a win. and gw rallies from 17 down. the final minute, misses in the lane and the battle for the rebound and tips it in. posted within three. within 152 session game. and gw still down. they inbound to joe, he shoots, loses the ball and appears to get fouled, right? kroma with the loose ball and unable to get the should the off with the bus buzzer and he does not get the call. and falls to 49th-ranked butler. and hosting the delaware blue hens in fairfax. the patriots trailing by five. ryan allen gives to okalosha, the deficit cut to two and that is as close as george mason will get today and trailing by 6. jonathan arledge misses from the stop and withno luck to the
10:42 pm
rebound. and falls to delaware, 79-72 and switching gears, geo gonzalez accepted an invitation to pitch for team usa in march and he left to play for the u.s. team the outfielder will play and will play for the netherlands. and he will miss a couple of weeks of spring training and reports on to tuesday and with team usa on march 3rd and coming up tonight, a chance to play sports. >> and. >> yeah. >> and that is what you're having from the outside. >> and -- . >> all right. >> and naked people are more important. >> and -- . >> coming up, this is not your average. they're joining thousands across the nation by tripping down for a good cause. we're going to check in also.
10:43 pm
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february is black history month and we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to people in our area with interesting stories to tell. >> and tonight, it's a man who helped keep our president safe, but he's not secret service like you might expect and beth parker has his story. >> reporter: when this fresh- faced young guy joined the air force, he can not have imagined what he would see. >> and that is -- laura bush in the gray and president bush standing in the background there. >> reporter: three presidents, in fact. >> clinton, george bush, w., and president obama. >> reporter: retired master sergeant craig stewart spent 24 years in the air force, 13 of those years on air force 1. >> and that is the same, the
10:47 pm
aircraft definition and that does not market if it's the president or your son or daughter. >> reporter: as a crew chief, he has seen a lot of the world while making sure all is right with the famous 747 in america. >> and if there is an issue with the airplan. can you stand there. >> reporter: sometimes you don't see your hotel room, sometimes, though, a crew chief can get a break, like on trips to rome. >> rome is with so much history. >> reporter: there are two identical 7 prisons, both air force one. >> sometimes when you were walking through the hangar and you see both of those planes there, that is one of the things where you can get used to it and every now and again, it hits you and sets you back to the first day when you walked in. >> reporter: the crew sits in a different area of the plane than the president. >> how's the food? >> pretty good. >> better than commercial airline food? >> yeah, yeah. >> this is an actual window? >> yes, it is.
10:48 pm
>> and this is one thing they do for us. >> reporter: , have an in retirement issue he recalls the most emotional moment of the travels, president obama's visit to gun a the first african-american president in africa. >> and once he stepped on, the late of the -- and that is outside of the door. >> reporter: craig is standing on the tarmac, witnessing history. in maryland, fox 5 news. >> and that is pretty cool. >> yup. not so cool. >> the weather. >> and pretty cool watching it pile up first for some people who were safe and sound. >> yeah. >> and definitely. definitely. and we going to show everyone what happens. this is in marlborough. >> marlborough, massachusetts. >> right. >> and that is about 18 miles west of boston and this is over a period of hours. >> and this is over 29 hours
10:49 pm
and this person got 30 feet of snow. >> look at that. >> i know. >> and that is unbelievable. >> once the banner comes down, you can see the snow piling up and this is where that happens here. >> and that covers his entire window, too. >> and you know a lot of people and more than 30 inches of snowfall and this is a good example, unbelievable and most of our neighbors now to the northeast got the snow and the system moved out and they're still dealing with the aftermath of it, and trying to keg out -- death out with point of view -- with power outages. the system is now moving to the northeast and affecting the canadian maritimes and this is in maine and into the northeastern portion where they have 33 miles an hour wind gusts now and windchills at minus 4 and this is another
10:50 pm
area well in excess of 30 inches of snowfall and were looking outside of boston in nantucket, 37 miles an hour wind gusts with the windchill at 6 degrees and that is a good example of what people are dealing with now and power outages and people don't have heat and we have to feel for them. at home, things are different. it's cold and we don't have the snow and strong winds, though, the ridge of high pressure in control and that is keeping our keys -- skies on the free side. a cold night ahead and sunday, plenty of sunshine and some precipitation to watch before the weekend is over and into that seven-day forecast. this is a look at peak wind gusts across the area. 43 miles an hour wind gusts at national; 46, bwi-thurgood marshal, 55 at dulles and i know the winds were strong last night. calm conditions now as far as the winds are concerned and not
10:51 pm
gusting anywhere and that is some good news. temperature's dropping and that is going to be cold outside and/or highs today, 6 to seven degrees and 43 at national; 42, dulles and with that 40 at bwi of this hur ---thurgood marshal and currently, 29 at baltimore; 34 annapolis; 27 at fredericksburg is any in monasses, 25 at martinsburg and at dulles. the ridge of high pressure is going to hold tomorrow and starting out with plenty of sunshine and that is going to move out. we have a disturbance to look forward to and see what changes it will bring us and that is to the west and this is going to move toward us and ahead into the beginning of men. we're looking at seeing some rain or even some freezeing rain as is possible. primarily into monday, that is when we're going to see most of this happening. be prepared and look like it's
10:52 pm
out of here by the time we're into the afternoon hours. this is a look at sunday night. it's getting closer by the 11:00 hour. overnight, there it goes and moving with the rain. more than mixed conditions to the north of us and lingering into the early afternoon hours before it's said and done. for tomorrow, we're talking 41 degrees and incoming clods. into the forecast -- increasing clouds. 46 tonight, the daytime high is 46 and that 41 is about midday. the fox 5ef is-day accu seven- day accuweather forecast, we have a chance of rain and snow into wednesday and we'll have to watch that closely. we clear out again and into the end of the week, another round of wet weather and that is kind of up and down. >> uh. >> the temperature is rising into the low to mid-50s. >> yes. >> and. they were running in their skivvies in southeast today. participants in the cupid undy run went on a 1 1/2-mile run past the capitol and the supreme court and the bedroom best. the race benefits the children's tumor foundation,
10:53 pm
raising more than 1 ms. over the past four years -- $1 million over the past few years. for years, lovers around the world have been sending their valentine card to loveland, colorado, for the special stamp who are they? he's more. >> reporter: a few ways to say i love you. another way is to have coupid say it for you. for 67 years and going strong, loveland, colorado, has been stamping the mark of amore. >> and 60 volunteers become stamped. >> reporter: over 150,000 letters of love will be stamped. >> sending wishes the old fashioned the way. >> reporter: the valentine volunteers work tirelessly, making sure all the cards are sealed with a kiss. but just who are these cupids of the cards? >> my name is chester goodheart, and i have been stamping for 20 years.
10:54 pm
>> 16 years. >> reporter: and how long have you been doing this? >> heaven years. >> reporter: rocky. [ laughter ] >> -- rookie. [ laughter ] >> for two weeks out of the year, they share their life without in this room. sometimes four to six hours a day. right? >> right. >> reporter: and when it comes to advisor matters of the heart, you could not find morris withdom in one room -- find morris withdom in -- find more wisdom in one room. >> and take everything with a grain of salt. >> okay. >> and that is unless the you're on a low sodium diet. >> that's true. >> what is the secret? >> secret? love. >> reporter: i have nothing to doadd to that. >> that is cute. >> the news edge is up next. coming up, people across new england are digging out from the deadly blizzard of 2013. we'll have the latest on the situation there next on the news edge at 11. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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when a 100-year-old washingtonian passed away last year, people had fewm -- little idea how much he would leave behind. >> he'd on his -- he passed on his millions. >> reporter: he never wanted the spotlight and probably wouldn't have cared for the press conference held in his january rossity. >> i use the word shy. that is accurate and he was the opposite of pompous. >> reporter: he lived here at the watergate for many years. much of his fortune was passed down from his father. he rarely splurged on things. the one exception? a stingray corvette. >> i love the image of him zipping around in the car. >> reporter: he had deep roots in d.c., ainate of washingtonian and he lived a long life here, born in 1912 in northwest, he went to d.c. central high school.
10:59 pm
and that is now known as cardoso. >> in his will, he bequeathed $28 million to family matters. >> reporter: the jaw-dropping amount came as a huge surprise to the non-profit family members of -- matters of greater washington. one of the nation's oldest social services organizations. the gift was almost three times the annual budget of the organization dedicated to disadvantaged children, family, and seniors. >> for something like this to happen is extraordinary. >> and he mentioned he hoped there might be a fund he would be able to help establish so that dos kids who otherwise couldn't afford nice clothes to wear to proms or graduation, that that might be taken care of. >> reporter: he had great love for
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